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What personal information do we collect from the people that use our app?

We do not collect personal information from users of our apps.

Voice for IoT is the only app with Google Firebase.

Application Analytics and Cloud Notifications are provided by Google (Firebase). Google (Firebase) collects crash data and data to serve notifications, no personal information is sent with analytics or notification.

App Data Backup

When using the Local Backup feature be aware that other apps may be able to read the backup file. In addition Rooted Devices may allow other apps to read all app data.


When using the Google Drive Backup feature only the Voice for IoT app will have access to Google Drive. This can be revoked by the user from the link within the app or the users Google settings website.



Location (Voice for IoT only)

The app may request a location permission if using to connect to a device on a local network. The app does not track location. The app only requests the SSID and BSSID of the network if connected to WiFi. The app then compares the BSSID of the connected network to the BSSID(s) associated with local network connections. This is needed as the app can determine the BSSID of a network much faster than it can determine if a hub is on a current network. This allows the app to send both local and remote connections in the fastest manner possible. The only data saved from these requests is data visible in the Local Networks section of the app.



Connected Devices

This app can be used to trigger internet connected devices. As a general precaution users should have their device(s) locked so a malicious user can not triggering linked connected devices.


Voice Recognition on Android (Voice for IoT only)

Voice Recognition is provided by Google on android. Please see privacy polices provided by Google if using voice recognition on android.




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