Time Delay

Adding Time Delays in the Voice for IoT app.

This is an example of setting up Time Delays in the Voice for IoT app. Time Delays are considered a virtual Hub by the app, so a Parent Hub of type Time Delay will have to be setup before we add a time delay. Please note that setting up our first time delay may appear to be difficult as we are also setting up the virtual Parent Hub at the same time, each successive Time Delay will be much easier.  In this example it is assumed you are familiar with Voice for IoT Groups Setup.

Time Delays are most useful for A/V equipment. However for simplicity we will use the group created in the Groups Setup example.

Open the app and select Voice Settings tab then select Hubs.


Select Add Hub.


Name the Time Delay Hub and Select Hub Type “Time Delay”.


Save the Hub.


Now open the Groups Menu and go to a group. I will use the Group Created Here.

Notice that the Item Priority numbers are 0 , 1, 1.


I will now change the priority numbers to sort items so there is room for a time delay.

Notice Item Priority numbers are now 0, 3, 4.


Now add a Group Item.

Set Hub to the name given to your time delay hub, “Time Delay” in this example.

Set the Type to Seconds.

Set the Address to the number of seconds.

Set the Item Priority to “2” so it will fall in between 0 and 3 in the example above.


We now have a Time delay (item 2) between item 1 and 3.


Now go to the Linked Command which was linked to this group (from this example) and make sure it is of Type “Sequential Completion”.  Time delay will execute at the same time as other items if not of Type “Sequential Completion”.


Go to the home screen and say the command. The blue progress circle shows the item being executed. The yellow progress circle shows items waiting to be executed.





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